Fire on board!

GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL trainees start building a shipboard firefighting training module for the Kiel fire brigade.

Trainees from GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL (GNYK) have started building a shipboard firefighting training module for for the Kiel fire brigade’s new academy in Wellsee. The trainees will reconstruct elements of a ship deck on a length of 10 meters. For this purpose, original parts from shipbuilding such as portholes, doors and stairs will be used.

"With the new training section we can simulate ship firefighting and various scenarios extremely realistically. Searching and orienting in smoke-filled space and rescuing injured persons in a restricted area can be practiced without danger," says Dr. Wolfgang Lotz, head of the firefighting academy. "I would particularly like to thank GERMAN NAVAL YARDS and its trainees for their support for manufacturing this key component for Kiel fire-brigade

In the new established fire academy, the completed module will be integrated in such a way that the instructors will have an insight into what is happening inside the training module at all times and can intervene if necessary. During the training operation, the space of the module can targetly and controlled be filled with smoke or water.

In every respect this is also an exciting project for the trainees at the shipyard: "Together with our team of about ten trainees, we assume a great deal of responsibility in this project, even during the training," says Phil-Andree Helbig, industrial mechanic trainee in the fourth-year. "But it's also a cool feeling to know that the boys from the fire department will be trained with our support."

His training manager, Helge Krambeck, adds: "The project was immediately approved because we give great importance to providing our trainees with the best possible and versatile training. And, of course, as a shipyard we benefit from the surrounding fire brigades when they expand and develop their skills. After all, in case of emergency, the men and women from the Kiel fire brigades also support our company fire department, here at the shipyard.

The costs for manufacturing the shipboard firefighting training module will be solely taken by GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL. Additional partner in this project is Muehlhan, company being responsible for coating the module.

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