The GERMAN NAVAL YARDS Kiel shipyard looks back with pride at over 180 years of experience and tradition in shipbuilding. Ships of all frigate classes currently used by the German Navy have been built from this shipyard.

Paired with innovative, state-of-the-art shipbuilding, this long-term industrial presence in the naval defence sector is a solid foundation for the professional expertise and activities essential for opening up sustainable opportunities for expansion and growth. 

On course for success

Our shipyard group is on the road to expansion. The group's number of employees has been growing since 2009 from about 400 to about 1000. With this we are an important employer in the region contributing to value creation in Germany. Also the Federal Armed Forces appreciate GERMAN NAVAL YARDS as reliable partner in planning, building and maintenance of ships.

We bet on teamwork: the high motivation and commitment of our employees as well as the sense of unity within the company make us successful.

We prove that shipbuilding in Germany does have a future.

Part of a strong shipyard group 




GERMAN NAVAL YARDS is the new strong yard group in Northern Germany. This company group consists of two yards GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL (GNYK; the former surface shipbuilding unit of HDW) and NOBISKRUG. Our owner, the PRIVINVEST - Group, is a great support, with a long-time focus being successful worldwide. The group members of PRIVINVEST has delivered more than 2000 ships in more than 40 countries.

Our mission

GERMAN NAVAL YARDS has the know-how of more than 180 years shipbuilding tradition and a unique yard infrastructure. Specialised in the building of large and technically complex naval ships as well as super yachts our yard group is an important employer in the region. With this we are significately contributing to Germany's value creation. We are in close collaboration with German and European partners. We have been working as a reliable partner for the Federal Armed Forces regarding planning, building and maintenance of ships for decades.

The German Navy is in need of multi-purpose fighters more than ever in order to meet the growing requirements. GERMAN NAVAL YARDS has proved in the past that it is capable of delivering modern, technically high and complex Naval ships within a cost and time frame.

Discover our facilities

Discover our facilities

With an overall length of 426 m, our dry dock is one of the largest anywhere in Europe. In fact, the Berlin Reichstag would fit inside it with room to spare.

Maritime milestones

Maritime milestones

Our shipyard in Kiel has made history many times over the past 180 years. Take a look at our heritage.

Quality - from topmast to keel

Quality - from topmast to keel

Our mission statement is at the root of everything we do. Discover the secrets of our success.