GERMAN NAVAL YARDS Kiel can offer you one of the largest dry docks anywhere in Europe. The site on the shores of the Kiel Fjord has an area of more than 250,000 m². Our facilities comprise 60 cranes, among which is one powerful portal crane with a lifting capacity of up to 900 t and modern, highly automated plants. This is where we build complex, highly-integrated naval vessels and large, non-military vessels for our clients and customers.

German Naval Yards Kiel GmbH
Werftstraße 110
24143 Kiel

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Facts and figures

Yard Area
>250,000 m²
Covered Sheds
50,000 m²
Mega Dry Dock
426 m x 88 m
Mega Dry Dock
2 cantilever cranes; capacity up to 50 t

Floating crane available on request.
Covered Dry Dock
241 m x 44 m
Covered Dry Dock
2 cantilever cranes; capacity up to 50 t
Outfitting Pier
395 m long
Outfitting Pier
2 cantilever cranes; capacity up to 50 t
210 m
Yard Harbour
58 m x 50 m
Gantry Crane
900 t
Gantry Crane

Site plan

  1. Mega Dry Dock
  2. Covered Dry Dock
  3. Outfitting Pier
  4. Yard Harbour
  5. Gantry Crane
  6. Main entrance Werftstrasse

Shore connections for electric power 110/220/380 V DC/AC, 50 cycles; electric power 440 V AC 60 cycles; telephone/fax/internet; fresh water, cooling water, ballast water are available.

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Facilities in Kiel-Friedrichsort

Facilities in Rendsburg

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Frigates, Corvettes, OPVs

The construction and building of naval vessels is our specialist area.

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