GERMAN NAVAL YARDS Kiel provides ideal conditions for the design and construction of offshore patrol vessels, corvettes and frigates: thus the Kiel yard combines the long-established strengths of its long-standing naval traditions with the expertise of the shipyard group in order to put those into operation as system integrator. Among others our own design capacities are constantly being expanded for this.

The ideal vessel for every mission

Our clients demand custom-made solutions from one single source. We are offering the highest arts of German shipbuilding and engineering as well as innovative technologies. Depending on the requirements, we take advantage of proven designs adapting them to our client’s specific needs.

We are independent regarding the choice of the world's best partners for innovation and technology. Our search is always done specifically acording to project and task, every time based on the premise of finding the best solution for our client.

As a european company this form of collaboration is our day-to-day business.

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Optimum infrastructures

The infrastructure of our shipbuilding facilities enables a particularly efficient construction method. On more than 250,000 m² state-of-the-art shipbuilding halls, a covered dock and a further doch with a length of 426 m are located. It is the largest dry dock in the entire Baltic region.
We also have a powerful portal crane with a lifting capacity of 900 t at our disposal. This infrastructure enables shorter building periods - all of which brings clear advantages for our clients and customers.


GPC 90 – an ideal seagoing platform

The General Purpose Corvette 90 (GPC 90) is a compact naval surface vessel. It possesses hard-hitting capabilities for 4-dimensional marine combat scenarios. The optimised hull design of the GPC 90 guarantees ideal manoeuvrability and handling qualities at sea – even in the roughest weather conditions and sea states. Powerful defensive and offensive capabilities are particularly outstanding features of the GPC 90. In terms of its capabilities, the type is comparable with a light frigate.

We adapt the GPC 90 to meet your specific demands with respect to planned deployment scenarios and mission requirements. For example, with regard to sensoring technology and armament.

The GPC 90 is a proven design. It is an ideal, low-risk platform for custom solutions that can be adapted to meet your precise demands.

Vessel specifications

Length overall
90.0 m
Max. beam
13.5 m
3.5 m
2000 t
Max. speed
>24 kn
>2500 sm
CODAD (Combined Diesel And Diesel) + 2 CPP (controllable-pitch propeller)


Crew size
Extra accomodation
<11 t, e.g. Sea Hawk
Fast Rescue Boat

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