EGV BERLIN en réparation programmée chez GERMAN NAVAL YARDS

GERMAN NAVAL YARDS has been awarded the contract to overhaul the task force supply ship (Einsatzgruppenversorger) BERLIN.

EGV BERLIN will be docked at the Kiel shipyard GERMAN NAVAL YARDS for extensive overhaul work. 


The scope of the work ranges from minor tasks such as the replacement of cabin furniture to major engine overhauls and the optional adaptation of entire systems. The ship will be berthed in the almost 38,000 m² dock for the work. The commissioning process will take place on the shipyard’s outfitting pier and at sea.


"We are looking forward to a multi-faceted project in which we will be able to demonstrate our comprehensive capabilities and our strengths in the field of ship maintenance for the German Navy. We will continue our trusting and cooperative relationship with the Germany Navy and will do everything in our power to ensure that the EGV BERLIN is ready for service on time," said Jan Fust, project manager at GERMAN NAVAL YARDS.


With a length of 174 metres and a breadth of 24 metres, EGV BERLIN is the largest ship of the German Navy, alongside EGV FRANKFURT AM MAIN and EGV BONN. Together with her two sister ships, EGV BERLIN provides comprehensive logistical and medical support at sea for the German Navy and allied navies worldwide and at any time.


Commissioned in 2001, EGV BERLIN is part of the Trossgeschwader of Einsatzflottille 2 and is based at Naval Base Wilhelmshaven.

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