NOBISKRUG Steel Construction Department starts maintenance works on two Lifting Barges of the WSA Brunsbüttel (Waterways and Shipping Authority)

Heavy weight in double pack: the steel construction department of the Rendsburg NOBISKRUG shipyard received the order for maintenance works on the two 300 lifting barges DP2610 and DP2611 belonging to the WSA Brunsbüttel, Bauhof Rendsburg.

The works are being executed by the NOBISKRUG steel construction department on the site of sister shipyard GERMAN NAVAL YARDS Kiel. The two approx. 34 m long and 6.5 m wide barges were first lifted ashore with the help of the 900 ton gantry crane.  After the cleaning works are completed, the barges will be brought into the large, weatherproof shipbuilding hall, where the employees from Rendsburg together with their colleagues from Kiel will execute further scheduled works.

Beside maintenance works on mechanical building parts, e.g. winches, the corrosion protection will be repaired. Furthermore the existing hydraulic aggregate will be replaced by a more powerful and more economical combination of modern power set and electro hydraulical unit.

The main goal of the work order is the installation of new lifting ropes with a length of more than 100 m and a thickness of about 60 mm. With these ropes the lifting barges are fixed on the sliding gates of the locks in Brunsbüttel and Kiel-Holtenau in order to stabilize and lighter them in case an expansion is necessary. An impeccable quality of the ropes is therefore mandatory for safe operation.

“We have earned our client’s trust by repeatedly hosting and repairing the sliding doors of locks in the past”, Markus Brinkmann, Nobiskrug sales manager steel construction department, comments the order of the WSA Brunsbüttel adding: ”For the fulfillment of our own, very high quality demand we employ efficient and proofed partners of hydraulic and corrosion protection so that both lifting barges will be available for  smooth operations for many years in the Kiel-Canal.”

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