Hull of first LNG-vessel ATAIR designed for survey, wreck search and research is completed

FASSMER in cooperation with GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL reaches further milestone

On schedule: With the fully welded steel structure (ship’s hull and superstructures) GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL shipyard is closing the next important construction part within the realization of the new LNG-vessel ATAIR for the BSH (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency).

GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL is building the hull of the first LNG-operated, seagoing vessel as subcontractor for the company FASSMER. In order to ensure the high quality standards not only the department Ship’s Technology of the BAW (Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute) but also the company FASSMER is involved during the entire production with an own project team.

“Not having our own sufficient capacities for building the ship’s hull, we decided for a trustful, experienced project partner, GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL” Harald Fassmer, Managing Director of FASSMER GmbH & Co. KG explains the project constellation for the new building ATAIR adding: “We are pleased to have made the right decision for a cooperation – especially regarding the fulfilment of the of the given timeframe.”

The managing director of GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL, Jörg Herwig also shows contentment regarding the development of the project, “Only 2.5 weeks after having lifted the bow with the last hull part into our building dock, we were able to weld the hull completely. On one hand this certainly underlines our shipbuilding expertise and on the other hand – which we would definitely like to emphasize – this shows a great team performance which should be highly appreciated.”

At the end of January 2019 the ship will launched at GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL and after that it will be towed to Berne to the outfitting pier of FASSMER.  Subsequently further outfitting and necessary equipment will be completed there. Following extensive trials, the commissioning of the vessel designed for future survey, wreck search and research is planned for spring 2020.

Beginning of steel cutting:      31.10.2017
Keel Laying:                               20.12.2017

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