GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL cooperates with thyssenkrupp Marine Systems on MKS 180 program

On August 3rd, 2018, GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL (GNYK) signed an agreement with thyssenkrupp Marine Systems. Marine Systems as subcontractor of GNYK, will contribute to the development and construction of the multi-purpose combat vessel MKS 180. GNYK is the only remaining German main contractor in the EU-wide tender of the German Navy. Incorporating thyssenkrupp Marine Systems’ teams into the MKS program will further increase the German share in the MKS proposal.

GNYK is integrating the best available naval competences worldwide into its MKS 180 offer. The selected Marine Systems specialists will focus on the coordination and integration of combat systems and the intensive usability of naval vessels.

"Our offer for the MKS 180 program becomes even stronger with the input of the two engineering houses Alion and thyssenkrupp Marine Systems,” said GNYK Managing Director Jörg Herwig. “Our combined skills and expertise are enabling us to address the needs of our customer and to serve the quality of execution in the best possible way. We are very happy to welcome thyssenkrupp’s engineers into our team with whom we have already successfully collaborated in the past,” Herwig added.

GNYK had previously contracted the US Navy supplier Alion for contributing cutting-edge engineering technology of the world’s strongest navy to its MKS 180 offer. The engineering house adds unmatched experience and references, having developed successful designs of similar programs for the US Navy. The entire development and engineering of the vessels will take place in Germany. Further, the intellectual property rights and know-how related to the MKS 180 program will also remain in the country.

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