Combat support ship (EGV) BONN arrives at GERMAN NAVAL YARDS for for extensive overhaul work

EGV BONN arrived at GERMAN NAVAL YARDS in Kiel today to undergo extensive overhaul work.


EGV BONN arrived at GERMAN NAVAL YARDS in Kiel today to undergo extensive overhaul work.

The ship was towed into the 38,000 square metre dry dock to undergo scheduled maintenance and repairs as well as measures to maintain its operational readiness. The work to be carried out ranges from the replacement of interior components in the cabins to a general overhaul of the engines and optional modernisation measures for entire systems. After completion of the work in the dock, the EGV will be tested and commissioned on the almost 400 metre long outfitting pier and at sea.
"We appreciate the opportunity to contribute our expertise and experience to this important maintenance project for the German Navy and grateful for their trust and cooperation. We will do everything in our power to complete the work on schedule and ensure the operational readiness of the EGV BONN," said Rino Brugge, Managing Director of GERMAN NAVAL YARDS.

With a length of 174 metres and a width of 24 metres, EGV BONN is the largest ship in the German Navy, alongside EGV FRANKFURT AM MAIN and EGV BERLIN.

While GERMAN NAVAL YARDS has already completed and integrated the Integrated Maritime Rescue Centre (iMERZ) for the sister ship EGV FRANKFURT AM MAIN, the shipyard is currently equipping the EGV BERLIN with an iMERZ as well. The additional equipment will enable both vessels to provide extended medical care (surgery, intensive care and advanced diagnostics) for long-term international operations.

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