Second Salvage Tug “Abeille Méditerranée” converted by German Naval Yards is Ready for SAR Service

Almost one month after the departure of “Abeille Normandie” the second salvage tug “Abeille Méditerranée” left German Naval Yards in Kiel.

Abeille Méditerranée (ex “Siem Diamond”), the sister vessel of Abeille Normandie, is ready for rescue and salvage missions along the French coasts in the Atlantic after having undergone a major conversion.
In addition to the usual maintenance and repair work, extensive conversion works for the new purpose of the tug were carried out during the shipyard period. Important works of the conversion were: complete conversion of the stern, arrangement of the working winch, upgrading of the on-board cranes and installation of additional rescue capacities. Also additional rooms on the working deck were constructed and modifications in the accommodation area for humanitarian operations were completed.

This second conversion project with the French shipping company Les Abeilles in Le Havre demonstrates the strength and capabilities of German Naval Yards’ expertise and project management. It also shows the potential of converting regular salvage ships in high-end modern salvage and rescue vessels.
With 91 meter length, 22 meter breadth, and an increased power of 282 tons of traction and 20,800 kilowatts (28,300 hp), the vessel will be available to the French Navy as a multifunctional emergency tugboat. As a special feature, the salvage tug has a rescue capacity to accommodate 300 shipwrecked as well as a modern fire extinguishing system for fires at sea.

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