GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL invited to submit final bid for MKS 180

The Schleswig-Holstein shipyard GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL (GNYK) has been invited on  April the 12th 2019 to submit its final bid for the development, design and construction of the multi-purpose warship 180 (MKS 180) for the German Bundeswehr. The Kiel shipyard now has three months to prepare the final bid together with thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and the German supply industry.

"We are delighted that we are now entering the final phase," says Jörg Herwig, Managing Director of GERMAN NAVAL YARDS KIEL. "We are extremely motivated and are working flat out to make the best possible offer for the German Navy and our soldiers. The project is of immense importance for German industry, because the decision to award the contract for the MKS 180 also determines whether the German naval industry can remain the technology leader in surface shipbuilding in the long term."

Since summer 2015, GNYK engineers have been taking part in the competition to build the next generation of ships for the Bundeswehr. In August 2018, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems was involved as a partner in the bid. In particular, the thyssenkrupp engineers will contribute their experience in integrating the weapons deployment system and in the intensive usability of the ships. "By combining our capabilities and expertise, we can precisely meet the requirements of the German Ministry of Defense as a customer," explained Herwig.

GNYK is the only remaining German general contractor in the European competition of the German Navy. In addition to thyssenkrupp, GNYK integrates numerous other well-known German suppliers from the naval and defense industry into its product range. If the contract is awarded, GNYK will completely implement the development and design of the MKS 180 in Germany. The design rights and know-how for the construction will also remain in Germany.

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